A look into Donald Trumps Candidacy

Donald Trump, “real estate guru” and TV star announced his run for presidency on June 16th 2015 at the Trump Tower in New York City. Since that day Trump has been defying the odds by saying some of the most outlandish, daring things, but still ranking high in the polls. Some of his comments have landed him in hot water with even his own political party, the Rebublicans. His campaign is usually composed of attacks against his openents and insults about their wives or making fun of disabled reporters. While some of the Republicans are horrified of his comments, the Democrats are almost excited to run against him because of just how bad Trump makes himself look.


But you gotta hand it to him, whatever he is doing, is working. After Trump criticizing John McCain, whom was captured and tortured during the Vietnam war, it has had little to no effect on Trump in the polls what so ever, atleast not yet.


In 2015, after Trump announced his stance on immigration and “building a wall”, a survery said that 1 in 4 republican voters said that he was their second or first choice.


Trump has managed to hit every hot issue whether it is punishing a woman for getting an abortion to saying that transgender people should be able to use whatever bathroom they want. He has ridiculed and mocked not only his components but almost everyone around him, stirring up controversy left and right. A poll showed that he is less favorable among woman because of his sexest comments.

Trump has provided most of the money for his campaign himself and has recieved basically free media coverage. This link has summary of statistics for Trump fundraising and money spending. Trump “spends less to win more.”

As of most recently Donald Trump is the only candidate running with a realistic chance of winning the delegates needed to win the convention. It wont be easy but his campaign is confident and he has already said he thinks he will win and 100% will get the 1,237 delegates.


We shall see….DONALD



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