Trump Blog #11

This has been a bad week for Donald Trump.

Apparently over the years Trump has continously changed his stance on abortion. This last wednesday was one of those times. He changed his stance three times within three hours. First he said, if abortion became illegal and woman was to get one that she should be Later he said the issue should be determined by the states and that he is prolife. Then lastly saying if congress was to make abortion illegal and a woman was to have an abortion then the doctor responsible for the procedure would be at fault and should be punished and not the woman.

After his campaign manager was charged with a misdemeanor for grabing a woman reporters arm at a rally he refused to admit what happened, Trump said “it was nothing, really.” Trump is not polling well with republican women because they think he is sexist. Ted Cruz is leading the polls among republican woman by 15%.

Trump is complaining that he is being treated unfairly.

According to an article on Politico, Trump has said that he wants Japan, South Korea and other countries to get nuclear weapons and that its only a matter of time before many other countries get nuclear weapons.



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