Trump Blog #9

12801106_1031190053583109_5065646034983900395_nTomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Donald Trump will recieve Ben Carson’s endorsement in Florida. It is shocking because Donald has compared Carson to a child molester previously in debates. Some sources say that Carson is endorsing Trump to remain relevant in the election and because he is bitter against Cruz for spreading the rumor that Carson was no longer running before the Iowa caucas. It is thought that Carson’s idea of endorsing Trump has been in the making since he announced his the ending of his campaign.

Donald Trump rallies are beginning to become violent. Protesters at the rallies have referred to reporters as a “bitch” and have shouted at them to go to hell. Donald Trump himself has said he wants to punch protesters in the face. He has told his supporters to “knock the crap out of them” just weeks after saying this a 78-year- old Trump supporter did just that at a Fayettville rally. Trump encourages his fans to partake in violence against reporters and protesters.

Jimmy and Trump



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