Trumpin’ on em’ Blog #8

Thursday Trump announced that Romney begged him for an endorsement when he was running for presidency in 2012, saying that Trump could of told Romney to get on his knees and beg and Romney would have done it. 

Trumps outlash against Romney came from earlier that morning when Romney said that Trump was a “phony,” “fraud, and con man” and that he is just playing Americans. Romney said that he is just as fake as the diploma from Trump University. Trump University is under a law suit because students say they were cheated out of thousands of dollars.

Ted Cruz made fun of the University on twitter with a fake diploma saying “you can get your certificate of deception here.”

Trump lashes back about his University saying he’s sued all the time and could settle very easily but wont because students loved his school and got real report cards. 


After the results of Super Tuesday, election results show that Donald Trump has a 75% chance of winning the Republican nominee. 




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