Jeb Bush Blog Week 2


Jeb hasn’t caused too much ruckus this week but it seems as though Mike Murphy has, a veteran of the GOP and the runner of Right to Rise campaign. It seems as though Right to Rise donors are blamming Murphy for the reason the campaign is not successful and Jebs lowering numbers. Donors are angry that they have put so much money, $40 million, into Jebs campaign and his candidacy is failing. Some people think it has to do with Bush’s tactics and that he $40 million just to tell “his story.” According to an on Politico, Murphy has been questioned before about his spending on other campaigns and to this day has not led a successfull presidentail campaign where the candidate wins office. Many Right to Rise donors and Bush supporters believe that the money is being wasted. Whether it is Jeb’s super PAC, Mike Murphy or wasted money, some are worried that the campaign might being ruining the Bush reputation.

“The Bush Blame Game Begins.” POLITICO. 2016. Web. 21 Jan. 2016.

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