3 Weeks and a Long List


Three weeks. That’s 21 days and 504 hours. That’s how much time is left before finals and all the projects we’ve been working on are due. I have a spanish speaking final and a five page paper due at the exact same time along with a project for Electronic Communications. Thankfully, this isnt my first rodeo and I know I can do it. But, still. My anxiety is out the roof! I know everyone is with me on this, and for those of us who let our grade in a class slip just the tiniest, GET CRACKIN’! Not only is the next couple of weeks a list of deadlines, but it’s a freaking icebox out there! Between fighting mother nature and trying not to get sick and staying up till 2 in the morning studying, lets just say I’m ready for Thanksgiving Break! I know I speak for all of us when I say I’m starting to feel under pressure! But don’t worry! It’s almost over, and when it is, everything will have been worth it. I don’t know about anyone else, but there is no better feeling than accomplishment! Get lots of sleep, drink lots of water and COFFEE, eat your vegetables, and most importantly STUDY! Good luck and hang in there!!


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