Broadcast Message Critique


For our latest project in Electronic Communication we did a 1 minute and a half to 2 minute video of our choice. At first I could not make up my mind about what topic and or issue I wanted to cover. Around the time of the project a teacher offered extra credit for the class to get out and vote. I recently moved to Oklahoma a year ago and had not been registered. As a young adult I have not yet voted or participated in any of the elections and I was eager to register so I could participate in the upcoming election. I encouraged all my friends to get out and vote too, and that is where I got the idea for my project. I interviewed two of my close friends and asked them to tell me why they think it is important for young adults to get out and vote. The good about my project is that the video is held steady with little to no movements. Also, my information was right on track with the questions that were asked and the message is loud and clear. The bad being that the actual video itself was small, where as I wish it had been a wider picture. I for the most part am happy with my video because I continue to firmiliarize myself with the mac programs and enjoying adding cool effects to my projects and I think I portrayed that in my project. The ugly thing that I wasnt able to fix was the outside noise that came from the interview. The place I conducted the questions was a busy area and it was hard to drown out the noise of the traffic. Other than that I think I did a good job and I hope I have helped encourage other young adults to get out and vote!


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