Audio Slideshow GBU

Our latest project in Electronic Communications was our audio video project. Overall I would say this project has turned out the best for me so far. The only bad thing I could think of was the topic I picked was hard to capture at some points. I did project based off of a story of someone’s passion for religion and I found it difficult to capture her spiritually at times. Also, during church services it was hard to take pictures due to being rude. Other than that, I believe the pictures line up perfectly as she is telling her story. I honestly don’t think that there was anything ugly about my audio video project. The good about my project was that due to our other projects I had a little more experience working with the macbook. With each project I have gotten more firmiliar with the apple programs. The voice quality was much better this time around compared to my podcast project because I have practiced and firmiliarized myself more with how to use audacity. The story flows from beggining to end; she has an intro, a middle and an end. The slideshow did not go over the time limit and the pictures do not last for an unreasonable amount of time just to make it longer. In Electronic Communications, my audio video slideshow is what I am most proud of thus far due to firmiliarizing myself with the equipment and allowing myself plenty of time to get it done.


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