Pleasantly Surprised

For Electronic Communications right now we are doing a slideshow project that tells a story about someone besides ourselves. I racked my brain for a while about who’s story I could share. Who’s story would be compelling and worthy of pictures. I thought up of all my friends and family and who would have time to allow me to follow them around to get some quality pictures of their experiences. I came up with a close friend Monica. Monica values her religion and has grown up in the church her whole life and I want to use her story. Part of my project is to follow her around and take pictures of her at church events. Last night I attended Life Church with her to get pictures of the sermon. Now I am a pretty busy girl considering I only work on weekends and I don’t get to church too often and I remember being forced to go as a child, so the idea of going to church again was a little uneasy. After the service I found myself PLEASANTLY surprised and even pleased with the service. I thought the message was right on point actually for the stage I am in in my life and that the service was not tired and boring. The crowd was all college students because it was a after dark worship service mainly targeted for OSU students.I had planned only to attend once to get what I needed but I was so intrigued by the guest speaker that I think I will go again next week and maybe make it a part of my ruitine. The worship was captivating and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try out this church and I would definitely recommend it to friends and family!



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