Fall for a Change

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It’s fall! Literally everyone’s favorite time of the year. You see it everywhere, fall this, fall that, fallalala la fall! Log on to facebook and BOOM fall in your face, pumpkin spice lattes and cinnamon everything. I’m guilty as charged because I love fall too. It’s time to clean out your closets and trade the short shorts for leggings and the tank tops for scarfs. Goodbye flip flops and sandals, now it’s boots and moccasins. Fall for a girl is basketball season to a boy; a big deal! It’s my junior year at Oklahoma State University and I’m really feeling the pressure, especially with midterms coming up. Oh the agony! Haha. With all this stress and the ringing in of a new fall I had decided I need a crucial new do. My long hair was boring and it needed a change and possibly some new colors. Ombre’s are hot right now. All the celebrities are getting Ombre’s and they look great! I haven’t had changed my hair in years so this is a big change but that’s what fall is about. It’s the adjustment from summer to winter, that in between not too cold weather but not too hot. In the picture I’m posting it is hard to tell but I have a light caramel blonde twist at the tips of my hair that fades in to the rest of my hair from the bottom. I’m so pleased with my new hair and I’m ready for fall! Maybe it’s time for you to fall for a change? 🙂


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