3 Critiques

Last week I submitted a podcast to my blog about waiting tables. In this weeks blog, I am going to critique my work. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The good, I got my point across thoroughly. My guest speaker and I were experts on the subject and had valuable information and facts to contribute to our topic. Our statements did not come across rehearsed and the listener can tell we know what we are talking about and have been in the industry for some time. Our conversation flows in the order of our topics and our personalities show well giving my podcast energy and excitement. I like that our topics were relatable to the audience. The bad, my goal of the podcast was hard to grasp at times. Ultimately I wanted to encourage college students to wait tables, but at times I outweighed the positives with more negatives with bias. The ugly, the sound quality was not as amazing as I would have liked. My guest speaker and I have very different tones and it was noticeable. She is quiet and I am louder and at times it sounded like I was yelling. The music cut off at the end and didn’t play as long as I was hoping for due to time constraints.


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