Milwaukee, USA


Summerfest Food Stands

Milwaukee has my heart for many reasons which I am going to tell you about. First off, great place to visit if you like to booze! One of the coolest things they offer is the Pedal Tavern. It’s a cool sight to see typsy peddlers hanging out on a mobile tavern while drinking beer throughout downtown Milwaukee. Along with this, the city is always hosting cheese and beer fests where you can purchase a t- shirt and make a pretzel necklace with all your friends and you get to taste home brewed beers from all over Milwaukee. The city is right off Lake Michigan and is beautiful at all times of the day with cute and historical buildings, lavish restaurants, gyms, and everything you can imagine is walking distance when downtown. My friends and I attend Summerfest in the heart of Milwaukee every year, it’s a 12 day outdoor festival hosted on Lake Michigan. Only 15$ to get in and unlimited access to all the bands they offer that day. I’ve seen Panic at the Disco, Kool and the Gang, Lupe Fiasco, Neon Trees, and Owl City. Milwaukee also has some of the nicest people in the world, they all just want to have a good time! It’s such a beautiful city with lights and the interstate is lit up a night with beautiful fluorescent purple lights. The best part is that the city is full of young adults because of the University of Milwaukee is right downtown. I would recommend Milwaukee to someone who has graduated college and is looking for a big city to start their lives, because it’s not as expensive to live there as some of the other cites but you still get that big city feel and that big city fun!


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