Helping Feed the Children of Oklahoma!

As you all may know, I am a waitress at a restaurant in Mulhall, Oklahoma called Lucille’s. I absolutely love my job and this weekend was just another example of why! A couple of months ago, Stan Miller came to our restaurant and asked if Lucille’s would be interested in sponsoring the New’s 9 Annual Ride Against Childhood Hunger. We were of course delighted to sponsor and help host this event. We have spent weeks preparing for this ride from the concessions all the way to the volunteers. The event took place just this last Sunday, September 7th. We were expecting a turnout of about 600 bikers at $150 a bike, so this was a big deal and we were anxiously awaiting the crowd. When the rider’s showed up to Lucille’s they were greeted with a live band, car show, a live and silent auction. Among those, other distributors who donated money had booths set up such as the Chocolate Factory from Stillwater. Riders from all over Oklahoma came out to join in on the fun and festivities. At the end of the event there was a head count of 650 people and the ride raised over $110,000! Thanks to fellow Oklahoman’s, Stan Miller, and Lucille’s, hundreds of children will receive backpacks and will not go with out eating on weekends and holidays! I feel so honored and privileged to have been apart of this event and work for a company that cares and helped make the ride possible. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year! cycles


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